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How Often Should I Clean My Handgun

How Often Should I Clean My Handgun? By Bob Campbell published on May 5, 2017 in Gun Gear, How To The more I test and use handguns, the more respect I have for the operating reliability of these machines. Tolerances held by Kimber, Colt, Glock, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, SIG, and CZ are excellent. When we fire these handguns on the range, we should have every confidence that they will fire time after time without any type of problem. After all, many of these handguns are based on service pistols that were designed to function in horrific situations. Test firing and practice are essential. Maintenance follows. The Colt 1911, as an example, is famous for operating when soaked in mud or snow. The SIG P226 came out on top in a ri...  Read More

Waiting For Other Services To Get The Army’s New Pistol? You’ve Got A While

GEAR & TECH Waiting For Other Services To Get The Army’s New Pistol? You’ve Got A While By MATTHEW MOSS on May 13, 2017 Last week, we got confirmation of a sort that the other three armed services would adopt the Army’s new Modular Handgun System, the M17, to replace the old Beretta M9 service pistol. At least, that’s what Army officials told in a widely shared story about the MHS program’s progress: The Air Force, they said, was down for 130,000 pistols; the Navy would buy 61,000; and the Marine Corps would take 35,000. Altogether, the three services would take more of the guns than the Army, which was ordering 195,000 M17s. Not so fast, though. Task & Purpose asked representa...  Read More

Where Can I Hunt?

Where Can I Hunt? by NRA Blog Staff - Wednesday, February 15, 2017 One of the biggest challenges hunters face is finding accessible land. With both private and public hunting lands available throughout the country, knowing the different types and rules for each can be complicated to understand. Essentially, there are lands managed by the government that are reserved for public use and conservation. Alternatively, many prime hunting spots lie on private lands, which aren’t always owned by the hunters themselves. Here is a breakdown of hunting lands and resources you need to review before heading into the woods: Public Lands   With respect to hunting on federal lands, there are five agencies that manage them and are open to huntin...  Read More

Kimber extends K6s revolver line with four new models

The Kimber K6s Stainless revolver on display at SHOT Show 2017. (Photo: Chris Eger/ Kimber’s K6s gets a boost as four new models join the revolver line originally introduced in 2016, the company announced Thursday. The new offerings include K6s Stainless, K6s Stainless NS, K6s Stainless LG and a K6s Deluxe Carry Revolver. The new models look to add small upgrades to the lightweight, compact, six round revolver line chambered in .357 Magnum. The Stainless K6s utilizes low-glare brushed stainless frame finish matched with black rubber grips for an elegant looking carry revolver. Equipped with black serrated white dot sights, the Stainless version retails for $899, the lowest of the new models. The K6s Stainless NS is equip...  Read More

Hearing Protection Act pushes past 100 sponsors in House

A bill that would remove suppressors and silencers from National Firearm Act regulations is picking up momentum on Capitol Hill. The Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act was introduced by GOP sponsors U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and Rep. John Carter of Texas last month and aims to deregulate suppressors as a safety measure to help promote their use in protecting hearing. Enrolled as H.R. 367, the measure picked up its 100th co-sponsor on Tuesday and another Wednesday. The news came just after an internal policy paper by Associate Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive, Ronald Turk became public, decrying the current level of suppressor regulation and noting the...  Read More trusted retailerWikiArms trusted retailer